Class Reunion August 2021 --- Oregon

My speech: The sound is not so good. This is what I (Steve Warr) said:

You know this covid is terrible ---- Absolutely terrible.
Last week Dr. Fauci said, "If people were spreading this disinformation last century, we would still have small pox, measles and polio."
But it's worse than that. If they had been around in the 1700's we would still be shoveling horse poop off the streets. Absolutely!
But then it hit me... You know I taught computer science for 34 years.
If we hadn't developed the Internet, misinformation like that would still be peddled like snake oil out of mule wagons.
So what can be done? If the technological revolution had been stymied, we wouldn't even have cars or airplanes.
I don't know the answer.
We laugh, but this is absolutely true.

If you want to see more pictures and videos of the reunion click here.

Visiting the past.

Up the River Golden and Silver Falls, Oregon

Silver falls used to have a greater flow, but the draught. It was beautiful.
Story: In 1951 we moved to Oregon. Dad towed a UHaul trailer with us and when it came time to return it to Eugene, Oregon, his map showed him clearly that the by far shortest route was through this wilderness. The road was gravel but the scenery was beautiful, especially here by silver falls. Travel was slow but easy and beautiful. We arrived here and crossed the bridge that was located just above the white rock outcropping at the base of the falls and the sight was majestic.

Then there was this. Golden falls could have been much more beautiful if we had seen it from this angle, but instead it was terrifying. Our vantage point was from just below the upper left corner of the photo, high on that granite wall. The road before and under us was about seven feet wide . You can see it as the line that extends to the top of the falls.

We could easily have ended up like this 300 feet below, so not about to attempt backing out with that big trailer, dad carefully got us out to walk the remainder of that terrifying distance, while he braved the drive.
This videos shows the tremors I felt, just thinking about it.

The rest of our infamous trip was much like this, but very, very slow. Sadly, it took about three times longer to take the shortcut.

Shore Acres

If only it were red..

Shore Acres

If only it were red..

Shore Acres

Driftwood Shores, Florence, Oregon

This looks like one of mom's paintings. This videos shows the beach in daylight.


Up the Oregon Coast.

This looks like one of mom's paintings.
This looks like one of mom's paintings.

This looks like one of mom's paintings.

Bridal Veil Falls